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These lectures were delivered to the Association for Latin Teaching at their Summer Schools, and are here offered for interest and reference.

click here Two Dimensions or Three? The life and death of Pastoral traces the history of the pastoral mode from its inception by Theocritus through its use by Virgil and later Latin poets both in antiquity and during the middle ages and the renaissance, to the English pastoral tradition, including Spenser, Shakespeare, Milton and eighteenth century versifiers, and noting its virtual demise with the rise of a different attitude to the countryside under Wordsworth and others up to Seamus Heaney. The question raised in the title, two dimensions or three?, refers to the way many writers of pastoral made use of its conventions to address other important matters, Virgil the settlement of veterans and the dispossession of native farmers, Milton the state of the Church of England etc.

click here The Poetry and Power of Pan surveys the country god as we find him in Greek mythology, illustrating each aspect of his character and career, with quotations from poets - Greek, Latin, French and English. The lecture deals with differing accounts of his ancestry, the panic he inspired, his guardianship of flocks, herds and beehives, his patronage of hunting, his strong sex drive and pursuit of Cephisa and Syrinx, the invention of panpipes and the organ, his link with prophecy, and the legend of his death at the moment of the crucifixion of Jesus. Finally there are two twentieth century tales of Pan, a chapter from The Wind in the Willows and a Saki short story.

click here Accelerated Latin is a practical introduction to various techniques of accelerated learning as they can be applied to the teaching of Latin. Some of these are explained in other pages of this site, and they include: using music, playing games, letting pupils learn by teaching others, learning by sound as well as sight, relaxation, rhythm, making the classroom conducive to learning.

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