non sibi sed toti

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David Parsons, who set up this and many other websites, and took such pleasure in researching and writing their content, died in April 2009, after a short illness. He documented his activities and thoughts in his final weeks on his 'View from the Street' weblog. During that time he wrote an account of his life. His family intends to leave the content of this and his other sites as much as possible unchanged.

What's on offer here?

You will find here my personal selection of Classics resources.

My name is David Parsons. As a former teacher of Latin, Greek and Classical Civilisation for nearly 25 years I have accumulated much teaching material to share, and also know what I would have liked readily available. This site is a small contribution to the teaching of classical subjects.

I also have a page of pictures of the filming of Cambridge Latin Course Book 2 dramas in April 2003. The cd rom is available to schools and individual students. See the CLC site. If you are interested, I was playing Salvius.

Family information, including genealogy, is at my other site

I also look after a local church site.

David Parsons

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Note: the coat of arms and motto at the head are those of the Wynne family, of which my mother was a member. The motto quotes Lucan:

Hi mores, haec duri immota Catonis
Secta fuit; servare modum, finemque tenere,
Naturamque sequi, patriaeque impendere vitam;
Non sibi, sed toti genitum se credere mundo.
Pharsalia II. 380 ff

Cato's austere and inflexible character had led him to observe moderation in all things, adhere doggedly to principle, follow the dictates of Nature, devote his life to Rome, and believe that he had been born to serve humanity rather than his own selfish predilections. - translated by Robert Graves for Penguin Classics.


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